Honest Guarantee

Honest Policy for Interview Guarantee Programs

Super Scholar will provide you with 3 or 6 assured interviews (based on your selected program) if you diligently pursue any of our Interview Guarantee courses.

We understand that some learners take online programs with the purpose of getting better outcomes in their careers and we completely support outcome-focused training, especially when such programs require an investment of time, energy, and money.

The Interview Guarantee policy promises 3 or 6 assured interviews (based on your selected program) to all learners that opt for it within 3 months of entering the Interview Pool. The conditions to enter the Interview Pool and request a refund are outlined below.

Please note that Super Scholar’s scope of work is to provide only 3 or 6 verified interviews (based on your selected program) to any learner that opts for an Interview Guarantee Program. There may be cases where we assist learners with more interviews, but this is in no way guaranteed or mandatory.

That being said, our Interview Guarantee relies on the fact we upskill our learners with relevant skills to get placed in today’s job market. The Training Programs are offered in the following manner:

  • Career coaching & counselling via 1:1 and Group Sessions
  • Webinars with industry leaders
  • Placement related training such as CV preparation, Interview preparation etc.
  • Communication related training under the guidelines of LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing).
  • Job-specific training (in some programs)

Each of these Training Modules plays a crucial role in getting Interviews. Hence, we are introducing this Honest Guarantee refund policy as laid down in the following paragraphs.

If a student enrolls into any Interview Guarantee Program from Super Scholar and after diligently pursuing the Program, does not find 3 or 6 (based on your selected program) Interview Opportunities within up to 3 months after the course, they can claim back the amount they have paid towards the course as a refund on the following condition:

  • Minimum 80% attendance of all live sessions;
  • Minimum 80% completion of all self-paced sessions;
  • 100 % attendance of all 1:1 sessions;
  • 100% completion of all assignments provided by the Company;
  • At least 70% score in the final pre-placement assessments.
  • Attended all the live online classes in live mode only, not as class recordings unless this permission has been given in writing beforehand.
  • Attendance in class also must be complete. For instance, if you attend a 60 min class for only 30 minutes, it doesn’t count as proper attendance.
  • All submissions have to be proper, within the deadline, and according to the submission requirements.
  • Must adhere to all terms of the Interview Policy as outlined in Schedule A of the Agreement signed between the candidate & Super Scholar.

The intention behind these conditions is that only those who actually use the course with full participation and do not get their desired outcome can claim a refund. We prefer to be upfront about this rather than disclose these terms later.

Days are counted only from the day on which a course formally starts as per the training starting date, and not from the day of your enrollment or payment of fees.

At the time of processing any refunds, some basic deductions for administrative fees and other costs incurred by Super Scholar may be levied.

Additionally, in the event of a refund, no Certification will be issued.

In conclusion, once a student enrolls for a course and takes all the coursework and accomplishes them as suggested and if they still do not attain the desired outcome, they may request a refund by writing to support@superscholar.in. We will provide them a no-questions-asked refund.

The problem with providing a course fee refund is that all courses have extensive personalized 1:1 coaching and therefore we admit a limited number of students each month. Still, we offer this Interview Guarantee since every student who will commit to our courses and teaching methodology properly will see immense benefits and have a very high likelihood of getting placed.