Placement Policy

Last updated August 18, 2022

This policy governs the entire placement process with Super Scholar and we strongly advise that you go over this policy thoroughly to understand what your experience is going to look like. Your consent to this policy is also a prerequisite for going ahead with placements via Super Scholar and hence, your understanding of this policy is imperative.

If you do have any clarifications that you would like, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to address any query.


The following are a few general guidelines to be followed while applying to companies via Super Scholar. By consenting to this policy, you undertake that:

  • You are between 18 years and 35 years of age
  • You are legally permitted to work in India
  • You will join the company in no more than 30 days after accepting an offer
  • If you are still pursuing your education, you will be open to taking up full-time opportunities and will be available to join immediately
  • You are open to entry level job opportunities
  • You are willing to work from office or remotely as required by the interviewing companies

You will clear any background checks associated with the job which may include proof of education and any past employment, references from any past experience, check on criminal records.

Onboarding to the Placement Process:

To initiate the Placement Process, you will be asked to share a few details about yourself. By consenting to this policy, you undertake that:

  • You will share all relevant information within 24 hours of receipt of the notification
  • All information present in the form is factually correct and verifiable
    Note: The Super Scholar Placement Process will only start once we receive your required personal information.

Process Guidelines

The following defines the process of interviewing with companies via Super Scholar and will play a major role in your interviewing journey. By consenting to this policy, you undertake that:

  • You will respond to interview invites from companies (with either an acceptance or rejection) within 6 hours of receiving the invite
  • You will attend all interviews you have accepted invites for
  • You will not reschedule interviews that you have accepted the invite for
  • You will not reject more than 1 offer
  • You will share the appropriate and valid reasons for the rejection of any offer Completion of Placement Support

We would all like the placement process to conclude successfully as soon as possible, so that you may gear up for the next phase of your career! By consenting to this policy, you agree that the placement process will be deemed successfully completed if:

  • You accept an offer
  • You reject 2 unique offers

Withdrawal from the Super Scholar Placements Process

You may not always be looking out for opportunities, and we understand that! By consenting to this policy, you agree that it may be deemed as a consented withdrawal of your candidature if:

  • You do not furnish the requisite details within 48 hours of receiving the notification
  • You do not adhere to the preferences that you have shared via the onboarding form
  • You do not attend an interview you had accepted the invite for
  • You reject 3 unique interviewing opportunities
  • You receive and accept an offer from other sources, hence do not need to be placed by our Placement Team


If for any reason and at any time the Student withdraws from the Super Scholar Program, then, the Student shall be under an obligation to provide the Company and the Company Agent with a prior written notice of 10 (ten) days’ notice of such withdrawal from the Super Scholar Program and the effective date of such withdrawal thereto. The following conditions shall apply in case of withdrawal by the Student from the Super Scholar Program within 3 (three) days of commencement of the Super Scholar program, the Student is liable for cost of training and support received, and no refund of tuition fee shall be processed. If the Student drops out after 10 (ten) days after commencement of the Super Scholar Program, then, in such case, the Student shall be liable to fulfil all its payment obligations and other terms and conditions as set out in this Agreement. For avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the Payment Term shall commence from the date the Student leaves the Super Scholar Program.

Disqualification from the Super Scholar Placements Process

At Super Scholar, we appreciate the value of a job and hence, ensure that the integrity of a Placement Process is maintained. By consenting to this policy, you agree that you may be disqualified from the Super Scholar Placement Process if:

  • Details furnished by you are found to be factually incorrect
  • Misconduct in any form with Super Scholar employees, hiring companies or any personnel associated with Super Scholar
  • You have received an offer from Super Scholar Placement Partners and chosen to not inform Super Scholar about it

Consequences of Withdrawal and Disqualification:

We, at Super Scholar, are here to do everything to ensure that you get the best opportunity possible. The policy has been created to allow us to do so with all our potential. However, your withdrawal or disqualification from the process may lead to one or more of the following, depending on the reasons and their severity for the withdrawal or disqualification:

  • Your placement process with Super Scholar will be halted
  • There may be a cooling period before you can get placed through Super Scholar once again
  • The offer that has been extended may be rescinded
  • Others:
  • A. Your Profile:
  • Please note that your profile will be publicly accessible for the period where you’re actively availing of the services rendered by Super Scholar. Also, it will remain public unless you provide a written request to Super Scholar team (email: for its removal. Super Scholar reserves the right to share your profile on social media for marketing campaigns, events, etc.
  • B. Work Experience:
  • The valid experience is considered to be the one that is relevant to your test category. If you have experience which is not relevant to the opted test category, you will be deemed ‘Fresher’ or ‘Non-Experienced’.
  • Presently, we cater to the job requirements of the candidates with 0-3 years of experience so if you’ve more than 3 years of experience, we will try our best to align relevant opportunities. However, we do not guarantee any minimum or a maximum number of placement opportunities.
  • C. Waiting Period (after Offer Acceptance):
    • There is a 12-months waiting period from the date of ‘offer-acceptance’ through Super Scholar to re participate in the placement process.

This Placement policy is subject to revision and is applicable only until further notice